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Monday, August 1, 2011

Of Course We're Going to Check It Out First

We're going to California for a look-see. Check out the area, and see if we're going to like living there.

I made a junk travel journal for the trip.

 Front of Journal
Back of Journal

These are the raw materials. A freebie Office Max grocery sack, the cardboard from my Cricket cutting mat, the plastic sleeve, and mylar cover from the mat.

 I cut the cutting mat, which lost it's stickiness, in half. I used one side for the cover and then punched holes on each line.
 This is the large gift bag from the Dollar Store that inspired the junk journal desire.
 This is the side panel of the gift bag.
I decided the cricut mat was too flimsy and I wanted a harder surface for the back of the journal. I used the flap on the chip box for this. Cutting to the size of the cricut mat front.
Here's the front of the journal. I threaded ribbon through the holes and left them roomy so the book can lie flat and there's room for added travel brochures, etc.
Here's a view of the inside. The side panel of the gift bag became a journal card.
The back of the junk journal.
I cut the grocery sack up first. Just kind of followed the folds to make the pages. Then I cut the cricut mat a little larger than the pages. Then the mat cardboard became pockets and the plastic sleeve became picture windows, as well as the mylar cover for the mat. I used Hello Kitty duck tape to hold some of the pages and windows to the bag pages, and such. I have 19 pages in the journal. I used all of the grocery sack, and the front and side panel of the gift bag. I still have the gift bag's back panel for another project.

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